Monday, April 28, 2014

Mila Moments

If only there were enough time in the day to do everything I wanted to do, I would be blogging a lot more!  In the midst of finishing up this semester, we're moving AGAIN, and have two trips planned back to back. It wash't great planning on our part, but its how it worked we'll deal with it :). We're staying in Colorado, but moving closer to the mountain.  It'll put Michael closer to work and we'll be closer to all of our favorite spots and trails.  We're excited but dreading the actual physical labor and time involved with moving.  Luckily my mom will be here to help us which I'm really excited about.

Although Mila isn't walking yet I feel like there's been so many little milestones she's crossed!  I haven't been great about writing them down, plus without posting updates on a regular, I'm bound to miss a few.  She's had so many "ah-ha" moments that make us all light up.  I think she even surprises herself sometimes :).

Mila's latest proud moments:

*pulling to stand like a champ!  We position her chair behind her if she is at her pull up bar, on the stairs, or watching a movie.  She uses it as leverage and will literally pull to stand over and over again!  Her squat is almost perfection :)

*she initiates tickle kisses with daddy!  Mila has literally hated Michaels beard for as long as we can remember.  We didn't realize she struggled with accepting it because of sensory impairments.  Now, she loves it and always wants more (he likes to get her sweet spots on her neck).

*she ate fresh strawberries and actually wanted more :)  this kid will not eat a fresh vegetable or fruit so this is a BIG deal!

*crawled up the stairs with minimal assistance!  The first few stair attempts were not so great so we hadn't tried it in a few months.  With an iPad as motivation, she'll jet up the stairs in record time :)

*we got bilateral SMO's to provide her more stability when standing and to help transition to walking.  She hates them!  Next, we'll be ordering her walker to get this girl moving.  I swear she thinks she can stand independently and walk sometimes.  You can see it in her movements and her face.  As soon as it seems she's getting ready to try something new, the determination fades.

*she conquered her 7th ear infection...ugh!  Tubes to be placed May 6th...hallelujah!!

*last week while Michael and I were gone on vacation, her grandma taught her how to hold her arms up when wanting to be picked up.  HUGE!  She NEVER uses her arms for anything unless her therapists or I make her.

*Mila signs "more" all the time!  It was hit or miss most of the time, or we had to do "hand over hand" practice with her so she could realize she would be rewarded by doing the action.  I swear, Michael and I being gone for a week really sprouted consistency with Mila.

*she knows how to give HUGS!! real HUGS!  I can feel her grip when I carry her too! Almost two years of a limp noodle in my arms, and now at 30lbs, it's a relief to have her actually hold on some when I hold her :)

*her cruising is improving...she will take a few steps when standing at the couch.  It's actually really hard for her to lift her legs to take steps.  You wouldn't really understand unless you saw her.  Luckily, she's motivated and determined so I know she'll get stronger everyday!