Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Let Us Hold On, Just a Little While

15q24 is a trickery little monster.  It's not just speech or sounds that become lost, but certain skills can slowly fade away. Something as simple as grabbing the spoon with food on it and feeding herself, is something she hasn't done in a long time.  No matter how many times I ask, no matter how I ask, she won't take the spoon from me.  It's a little disheartening, but I feel with time, she could gain that skill back.  I know she has the physical capability to grab the spoon and put it in her mouth, but something in her brain is not allowing her to.

Tonight, dinner consisted of Mila chowing down on a cheese quesadilla and fruit, while Michael and I sat at the table chatting about random things.  Mila hasn't eaten real fruit in FOREVER...so for her to go for the first bite was a big deal!  Such a big deal that I prompted a "high five."  I usually do hand-over-hand guidance for most things, prior to asking her to doing them independently.  So, I guided her through "high-five" a few times before asking her to do it.  I held my hand up, asked her for a high five...she looked at my hand, looked at me...and ever so gently touched her hand with mine.  Michael and I clapped and cheered so loud!  Mila's excitement level grew with her head bopping, lots of squeals, but you could tell she had no clue why we were so ecstatic. Hahaha!  I thought for sure we had scared her out of any more "high fives," but my girl gave me a couple more as soon as I asked for them!

It's these little moments that make us so proud to be her parents.  We cheer loud and obnoxiously because something as simple as a "high five" is a big milestone for us.  We scream and clap like hyenas because we don't know when we'll get to again.  These moments are special and we'll hold on to them as long as we can.

Look who's turning two next month....