Sunday, December 28, 2014

A, Bee, C, Da-da...and T is for Taylor Swift

It's weird to even assume that Mila has any "favorite" things considering she has little dependency on anything except Michael and I, but she continues to pleasantly surprise me.  Watching her fall in love or cling to anyone/anything are extra sparks of hope for me.  A hope that she will have some "typical" traits.  I'm not saying I want her to be like everyone else.  I'm not saying I hope she becomes a typical kid.  Watching her change and grow in ways that are recognizable...ways that are socially acceptable, give me hope that she will thrive in society, make friends, and connect with the world around her.

B is for Bee.  Mila was given a stuffed bee for her 2nd birthday.  She would occasionally play with it, but it mostly sat on her bookshelf for months.  I can't even remember when exactly she began to connect with this bee.  She holds onto it and shakes it for hours (there's a bell inside that rattles when shook).  She'll go face to face with it and chatter.  She started initiating play with Michael, wanting to throw this bee back and forth.  It quickly became her favorite, never ending game.  It's one of those things you don't mind playing for a few minutes, but when you're approaching the 30 minute mark, you're hoping she'll become distracted with something else so you can hide that freakin bee! Haha! It's pretty sweet how connected she feels with her bee :).

D is for dada.  As you could tell it was daddy in every bee pic...well, that's because dada is her second favorite thing!  She keeps her eyes glued on daddy when he's home.  He can't leave the room or go downstairs without her crying and yelling. Yes, she actually fusses and raises her tone a few octaves.  You can't understand anything she is trying to say, but it doesn't matter.  She's so damn cute when she tries. I usually try to console her, but she would rather sit in the floor and wait for him to come back.  It is daddy who always gets the first bee toss.  It is daddy who gets the recognition.  It is daddy who gets chased down.  While at times it hurts my ego just a little, I can't help but be overjoyed.  Mila's starting to understand.  Mila is starting to get it.  The way Michael lights up every time she says "dada" or seeing him melt when she cries for him...the sweetness is unbearable at times.  It's ok that "mama" is an unfamiliar, difficult sound for her to make.  I've heard to before and I'll hear it again.  For now, I'll just sit back, watch, and be so thankful for these moments I get to witness.

T is for Taylor Swift. Her "Shake it Off" phenomenon has swept through our household and probably won't simmer anytime soon. I decided to pull up the video on youtube shortly after the song hit #1 to see what all the fuss was about.  Well, at sound of the first note, Mila was glued!  Bopping her head back and forth faster than ever.  Squealing and babbling.  Smiling so hard it seemed as if her cheeks would hurt when the video was over.  Music is her driving force.  It feeds her soul.  It breathes life into her. We watch her video everyday.  Countless times a day.  Out of the 400 million views, I'm sure we're half of those! If anyone knows someone, that knows someone, that knows Taylor Swift, please let her know we would like to meet her attend one of her concerts next year :).  I'm pretty sad Taylor won't be coming to Colorado or anywhere within driving distance in 2015.  I think her concert would be perfect for Mila!  
Taylor Swift dreaming