Sunday, October 16, 2016

Mila James Turns Four

Four super fast, wild, crazy, unpredictable, adventurous, and joyous years.  Mila is 43 inches tall and 43 pounds.  Definitely our gentle giant.  The past several months have been filled with lots of walking, exploring, and maturing.

She finished her first year of preschool strong!  I got to review her IEP (individualized education plan) with her teacher and therapists at the end of the year.  Although Mila is still functioning below her age, she has made some incredible improvements.  She's accessing her environment independently and socializing with others in class.  She will stay in small groups and initiate play with her teacher.  She stays actively engaged during story time and will dance and move during music time (big surprise).  She will participate in non-prefered play for short periods of time, but wants to immediately follow with preferred activities such as rolling a musical ball.  She started to show interest in holding a paint brush and crayons-actually making appropriate marks on her paper.  She makes smooth transitions between centers in the classroom, leaving the room with the teacher to walk the halls, and washing her hands after diaper changing. She requires hand over hand with certain activities such as cleaning up after centers, snack, and washing hands after diaper changes.  She will walk for several minutes around the school on her own! She still requires assistance when climbing stairs and refuses to go down them.  She is beginning to navigate all areas of the playground.  Mila will be noticeably hesitant if she is uncomfortable in any situation.  She will sit and wait for assistance when she feels unstable on certain surfaces.  The sweetest ending to her school year was receiving a laminated book of Mila's memorable moments. Mila has made great strides within the last six months.