Friday, January 17, 2014

Early Intervention

I wish I could really express how special Early Intervention is to us, but there are not enough words.  When I think of where Mila was physically, she has come so far!  In the beginning, Sarah, her PT, made it very apparent that Mila's motivation would be a huge factor in her progression.  Let's just say, for my child whom has never gone after anything out of arms reach, had a lot of work to do!  Mila has never been dependent upon anything but me.  She's never been attached to a stuffed animal, a blanket, a sippy cup, sucking her thumb, or a favorite toy.  While that has been nice in some instances, it hindered her development.
Before Early Intervention
3 months after starting EI

The difference between these two pics speaks volumes!  The pain of holding her head up, fear of the unfamiliar, and limp arms because she wasn't strong enough to support her weight through her a pleasant girl, who can roll a ball, while supporting herself through her elbows, on her tummy!  I almost cry as I type.  AMMMMMAAAAZING!

You would be surprised at her motivating factors.  As much as she loves music, I would've thought any musical toy would get her moving.  Don't get me wrong, they have helped during some of her therapy sessions.  What really motivates my girl are BOOKS!!  As a non-lover of books, I hope this is one of her loves that never dies!  Her smarty pants daddy doesn't like to read either, so he concluded that two negatives made a positive :).

 Her PT and OT have been visiting once a week.  In the beginning I wondered, how the heck is Mila going to progress with therapy only once a week?  They come into our home in hopes that we will continue the skills she learns each week.  Mila has been on a gradual uphill progression since we've began.  They warned me a month ago that she will plateau for a short time, but our pace should pick back up.  Luckily we have been blessed with a continuous climb thus far.