Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Let Our Milestones Begin

As we all know all state funded programs take forever to get started.  After our eval with Early Intervention the first of August, we had Mila's first physical therapy appointment September 3rd.  Of course all therapies begin with Q&A sessions so it took a few weeks before we actually began the dirty work.

Mila's therapist, Sarah, wanted to start with the basics.  She watched how she reached for toys, her ability to rotate.  She noticed Mila didn't bear weight on her hands, and if a toy was past reach, she would move onto something she could actually grab.  Sarah works with Mila once a week, so like clockwork, I was always eager for her visit.  During one of her first sessions, Sarah attempted to put Mila on hands and knees.  Mila was crying and being resistant to her direction.  It was at that moment that I realized, Mila's "lazy bones" were not the reason for her inability.  She was crying and being resistant because it was painful.  She was frustrated because being on hands and knees is THAT hard.  As she continued to cry, I began to cry.  My baby really couldn't do the simple things that's so easy for other kids.  September seemed like a slow month.  Being with her everyday, it is hard to see a lot of progress.  Regardless, she always had a big smile on her sweet face.

Mila's love for music never fades.  We signed up for Kindermusik and it was one of my BEST decisions yet!  Mila is in her happy place when she is surrounded by music and dance.  Not to mention, her teacher, Mrs. Lisa is amaaaaazing!!!

After several attempts to wean Mila from breast feeding, she had several ear infections that set us back.  Her dad and I were really worried she would be hard to wean, but when Michaels parents came to visit, I thought they would be the perfect distraction.

If you ever want to see Michael in his element, put him and his dad in a room together!  They're pretty much the same person.  Gentle and kind in all that they do.  Politics, guns, outdoors, quick fixes, health....just a handful of things that keep those two talking for hours.  Mila was fortunate enough to inherit her Papa and daddy's blue eyes :).